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$386,500 Verdict - Negligence of Garage - Wheel Falls Off Truck

Debra C. was turning her Dodge Ram pick-up truck into the Groton Post Office parking lot when the front driver's side wheel dislodged causing the vehicle to lunge forward violently. Her truck had just been serviced by Holmgren Subaru four days before.

Debra went to the Emergency Room that day with complaints of right arm pain and eventually needed two arthroscopic surgeries performed on her right shoulder. This was very troublesome to her because she worked as a barber and needed her right arm to perform the duties of her employment. Following the surgeries she was unable to return to her job.

As a result of Attorney Crismale's work in this matter, Holmgren Subaru admitted it was responsible for the accident at the time of the trial. However, it denied it was responsible for the need for Debra C. to have surgery. The defendant argued Debra's right shoulder pain and need for surgery was due to her work as a barber over the past 30 years and the repetitive use of her right arm. The jury rejected Subaru's argument and after deliberating four hours, returned a verdict in favor of Debra C. for a total of $386,500.00. This award included $136,500.00 for her lost wages and medical bills, and $250,000.00 for her pain and suffering. Prior to trial, Holmgren Subaru's attorney offered $50,000.00 to settle her case. Attorneys Crismale and Faulkner tried this case.

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