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Trial Victory For Crismale Defending A Stonington Family

When Stacy M. and her father came to our office in August of 2004 because they were being sued, they were very upset. On August 23, 2003, Stacy was driving her Dodge Intrepid on Flanders Road in Stonington attempting to make a left hand turn onto Route One. She had a green light, she wasn't speeding, she put her blinker on to signal her intention to turn. What she didn't know was that a man riding a bicycle would dart out into the intersection from her left hand side and collide with her car. This man, Edward P. was an investment banker from Darien, CT vacationing in Westerly, RI, at his family's summer home.

The plaintiff bicyclist claimed in the suit papers that he was avoiding a cone in the bike lane causing him to make a wide manuever into the intersection. He admitted at trial he had a red light, but stated he stopped and was permitted to turn right on red. He sued Stacy M, her father who owned the car, and a company that the plaintiff claimed left the cone in the roadway. The stakes were high as this bicyclist was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the accident.

Attorney Crismale tried the case through the Summer of 2010, picking a jury for 15 days and presenting evidence for 18 days. The trial was a rigorous ordeal consisting of over 50 witnesses. In the end, after seven years of litigation, Attorney Crismale obtained a defendant's verdict for this Stonington family. When the Moody family came to our office back in 2004, we believed in them, we believed in justice, and we prevailed.

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