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$1,325,000.00 Settlement - Salem Home Invasion

Attorney Kara Crismale’s efforts on behalf of five clients whose homes in Salem had been attacked resulted in a one million, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollar settlement. 

A person’s home is supposed to be a safe sanctuary. But when that 
sanctuary is threatened by an intruder, it may never feel the same again. 

On May 1, 2015, five Salem residents experienced the trauma of an 
attempted home invasion perpetrated by a mentally unstable resident of a nearby group home. The resident, who had a violent past, left the home after an argument with a staff member and woke the victims up in the middle of the night, terrorizing them and smashing their windows. One victim fled to a neighbor’s house and in so doing, injured herself in a fall. Later the suspect told police he wanted to kill the homeowners, one of whom was pregnant. Fortunately, no one was attacked in the incident but nevertheless, it left major scars. 

Attorney Crismale said the agency had known of their client’s violent past 
and should have never allowed him to live there. She brought suit in July of 2016, and moved the case so efficiently that trial was to start in November 2017, eighteen months after the attacks. 

We claimed that the group home was negligent and at fault in many ways. 
Included in those claims was that the perpetrator should not have been at the home because he had attempted invasion before when he was at another group home. In fact the criminal charges were pending from that previous event when he was accepted at the Salem home. 

Kara hired an expert in group home management who had reviewed all of 
the home’s records. She was prepared to testify in support of our claims. 

To help demonstrate the compelling stories our clients had we made 
videos that would recreate the evening’s events and express not only how they feared for their lives, but how they have been traumatized by the lingering emotional and physical effects of that terrible night. 

Kara was assisted in the case by Senior Lawyer Dale P. Faulkner. “Our 
objective in videoing their story was to persuade the insurance company to pay what was reasonable for this horrifying ordeal, but there were also ancillary benefits to the videotaped interviews,” said Atty. Faulkner. “By recording each client’s experience within a few months of the attack, we were able to cover all the details that might have been forgotten with the passage of time. It was also the first time the victims had been able to fully tell their stories to interested and involved professionals. It showed that someone cared about what they went through.” 

The settlement was reached after a lengthy mediation conducted by 
retired Judge Michael Riley of Hartford. All five of clients were happy that the case was able to be settled without a trial. They did not want to testify in Court and relive that terrible night.

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