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$57,500 Settlement - Work Injury - Chronic Back Pain

A 43-year-old female employee of The Westerly Sun was sent to the Willimantic Chronicle to obtain a roll of newsprint.

When she arrived in Willimantic, three employees of the Chronicle loaded the one ton roll of paper into the back of the Sun’s van. The Chronicle employees failed to secure the roll properly. Midway back to Westerly, the roll began moving, on one occasion striking the rear door. She reduced her speed to lessen the rolling of the paper.

She almost made it back without incident. But, within blocks of The Sun, she had to brake to avoid a vehicle which emerged in front of her causing the roll to shift forcefully forward, striking the back of the driver's seat, pinning her to the steering wheel.

She suffered injuries to her back including an aggravation of a pre-existing back condition, all of which resulted in chronic pain. She also missed time from work.

Attorney Dale Faulkner and Attorney Shelley Graves brought suit on her behalf and after a recent mediation session, the Chronicle’s insurance company paid $57,500.00 in settlement.

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