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$100,000 Settlement (Policy Limits) - Car Accident - Concussion, Tongue Laceration and Multiple Strains

A.C. was injured driving to work one morning when another motorist suddenly made an illegal turn in front of her. The victim was employed as a veterinary assistant and she was the mother of three young children, in fact, her youngest was still an infant. She suffered a serious concussion resulting in short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, headache, hypersensitivity to sound and a “foggy” type feeling for many months post accident. During the collision, she bit down so hard on her tongue and lip that she sustained a 1.5 inch lower left lip total thickness laceration laceration and a ¾ inch v-shaped tongue laceration at the tip of her tongue. These required multiple sutures and resulted in scarring. She also suffered contusions to her ribs and knees as well as strains of her neck and back. Medical bills totaled over $30,000.00 and she was out of work for more then three weeks. Over the year following the accident, she had difficulty lifting and carrying her children, performing certain types of housework and yardwork, and she could not participate in many of her favorite past-times, like hiking with her dogs and fishing with her husband. The other driver's automobile insurance liability limits were in the amount of $100,000. Attorney Shelley Graves was able to obtain a prompt settlement of the matter without the need to file a lawsuit by detailed development of her multiple injuries and losses.

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