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$16,500 Settlement - Fall through Rotted Porch - Low Back Strain

Our client stepped out onto the back porch of the multi-family apartment building she lived in to speak to a neighbor.  As our client walked across the deck, a section of floor board collapsed causing our client to fall and her entire left leg to become entrapped in the hole in the decking.  She suffered a bad strain to her lower back which lasted several months and severe bruising to the left leg and a minor knee strain.   She was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and was sent for a course of physical therapy by her orthopedic doctor.   

We quickly obtained photographs of the porch before it was repaired to show the hole the client fell through and that the remaining sections of the deck showed signs of rot and were moss covered.  Through our investigative efforts, we also acquired evidence that at least one other tenant had previously complained about the condition of the porch to the owner who lived off-premises.  

This accident did not cause a permanent disabling injury, but nevertheless it was painful and effected her activities for several months and as a result, she was deserving of fair compensation for what she suffered.  The case was handled and settled by Attorney Shelley Graves in the amount of $16,500.

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