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8.9 Million Dollar Verdict - Tractor Trailer Truck Accident on I-95, East Lyme

After a 3 week long jury trial, Attorney Shelley Graves secured a judgment for $8.9 million dollars for her 27 year old client James Clark. James was severely injured when an oil tanker truck driving negligently and recklessly in the northbound lanes crossed over the median of I-95 in East Lyme and struck the tractor trailer truck that James was driving southbound. The collision also resulted in the death of two other motorists. At trial, Graves also proved that the defendant oil company was failing to properly maintain the oil tanker truck and had let it out onto the highways in an unsafe mechanical condition..

James suffered head injuries, internal bleeding and trauma, multiple fractures to both legs and feet, disc herniations to his back and neck and post-traumatic stress. He required multiple surgeries and intensive treatment and rehabilitation over the years that followed. The chronic pain and orthopedic disabilities that he now suffers from are permanent and they have further left him disabled from returning to employment driving commercial trucks.

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