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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car Accidents Tractor Trailer Truck Collision Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents Drunk Driving Accidents Recreational Vehicles/Boats
Wrongful Death
Negligent repair by Garage or Dealership Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Claims

Car Accidents

More than half of our cases involve car accidents resulting in injury. The causes vary - speed, inattention, drunk drivers, improper turns, following too closely, and many more. The victims can be car passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, joggers or pedestrians. Complex collisions may require us to hire accident reconstruction experts to prove the other driver's fault.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers are often victims of another driver's carelessness or recklessness and the resulting injuries are often serious. Unfortunately, though motorcycling has become increasingly popular, a prejudice against motorcyclists continues to prevail. We, therefore, provide intensive, early investigation to ensure evidence of the other driver's fault is preserved. We will defend your right to ride and if you have exercised your choice not to wear a helmet, we will not let that choice be used against you.

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Wrongful Death

Tragically, death frequently results from improper conduct of another. The law allows for the responsible person to be held accountable. Securing appropriate money damages for the benefit of the decedent's family or estate results from our being hired as early as possible, so that we can employ strategies we have used successfully for decades in this type of case.

To bring a claim, a family member or other person must be appointed as administrator/administratrix of the deceased's estate and various filings must be made in the Probate court. We can help you with this necessary process.

Tractor Trailer Truck Collision

Catastrophic loss can occur from the negligence of a truck driver. Here are two examples of prior tragic cases. A truck driver on the road too long makes a wrong left turn, death results to our client driving in the opposite direction. A truck makes too wide of a turn and forces a car against a telephone pole crushing our client to death. These types of recklessness call for accountability. Our experience in these types of cases includes knowledge of the rules and regulations that truck drivers must follow like those mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Act.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is a serious offense, the results of which are often devastating to innocent motorists and passengers who find themselves the victims of this crime. We have a long history in obtaining monetary compensation for our clients injured or killed by drivers operating while intoxicated from alcohol or driving under the influence of drugs. We have also assisted prosecutors so that justice is served in the criminal courts.

Negligent Repair by Garage or Dealership

Mistakes by mechanics can lead to serious, unexpected accidents on the road. Here are two examples of cases handled by Faulkner and Graves: Our client left a car dealership after a mechanic tried to repair a noisy wheel, while driving home the tire collapsed and she suffered a shoulder injury in the accident. We were able to prove the mechanic had over tightened and stripped the lug nuts. In another case, after an oil change, our client was driving on the Interstate when the hood suddenly popped up, obstructing her view and resulting in an accidental injury. The mechanic had negligently failed to latch the hood properly.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle lanes and pedestrian crosswalks are too often not respected by motor vehicle drivers. Most drivers don't know or don't care that a person on a bike or crossing the road may have the right of way. A failure to pay attention due to cell phone use and other distractions are often contributing factors in these types of accidents. Like in motorcycle accidents, the bicyclist or pedestrian has no protection from the impact and often suffers severe injuries as a result.

Recreational Vehicles/Boats

An ATV, boat or other recreational vehicle in the hands of an untrained or negligent person can result in injury to others. How the accident happened may require a thorough investigation by our private detectives, including photographs, measurements and witness statements. Like complex car accident investigations, these type of cases may require the use of an expert in accident reconstruction to properly pursue your claim.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Claims

In recent years, it has become all too common that the motorist at fault for an accident has also violated the law by operating their car or other motor vehicle without insurance or with dollar policy limits that are too low to adequately compensate the victim for their injuries or losses. Most accident victims don't realize that their own car insurance policies may provide them with monetary compensation if they're injured by another car driver who has no insurance or coverage that is inadequate to compensate for the loss. Our experience in making these types of claims is extensive and one of our attorneys has written many articles on this type of claim.

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